Date:            July 1, 2007
Readings:    Readings: 1Kings 19:16b, 19-21;  Psalm 16:1-2,5,7-8,9-10,11
                     Galatians 5:1, 13-18 Luke 9: 51-62

Readings: 1Kings 19:16b, 19-21;
The message here is vague. I think it's a message to let us know, we don't know when or where God may call on us to be His ambassador of Faith. Imagine the shock Elisha experienced to have been singled out and anointed as the one chosen by God to be Elijah's successor. Many of our Popes started out as simple pastors with little or no ambition for the responsibiliy thrust on them frrom above.
Elijah's mantle proved to be too much for Elisha, at first. He then realized God sometimes selects unsuspecting men and women to help Him bring the message of salvation to the whole world!
Psalm 16:1-2,5,7-8,9-10,11
The psalmist wrote of his acceptance of God's will. He avers everything he needs will be granted by God. No matter if he's awake or abed, God doesn't leave him alone for a second. So his heart is untroubled for he expects and receives the graces necessary to be God's voice in a world not willing to accept the urgings of God but may listen to His envoys.
Galatians 5:1, 13-18
Paul tells his correspondents the best way to avoid the temptations which will come.
Christ freed us from the prescriptions of the laborious " works of the law". Therefore, in order not to be complacent and self dependent, we need to relegate our desires to the trash cans of our minds. Thereby, we become totally in step with the Spirit by the love we exhibit for others.
Luke 9: 51-62
We might wonder how James and John received their appelation, "The sons of thunder"
Here we see they were ready to nuke the Samaritans who had turned them away.
Their destination, Jerusalem, meant they were Jews on a journey to fulfill their obligation to make a pilgrmage to the Holy City.
Samaritans were despised by Jews in general because they weren't pure Jews. When the Assyrians, in 722 BC, dispersed the people of the Northern Kingdom, they were displaced by pagans from other peoples conquered by the Assyrians. When the remaining these exiles inter-married with the 'anawin", the poorest of the poor Jews, they contaminated the purity of Judaism and were generally estranged. So, normally, Jews travelling to Jerusalem from other areas, would circumvent Samaria, avoiding even simple conversation.
Christ sounds almost indifferent when He tells some of His followers to not even bury their dead, or bid adieu to family members. Anyone who ever used a plow knows you must look forward to keep the furrows straight. Looking to the rear, one might cause the team to veer to the right or left away fro the proper life.
Keep your lives on the straight path by keeping your eyes forward and on Christ!

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