June 24, 2007

Reading 1
Isaiah 49:1-6
Isaiah is a very difficult book to interpret. In this, the second of three parts, as God's spokesperson, the writer compares himself with Jeremiah; formed to the prophetic life from his mother's womb.
His ability to speak of his apparent failure to strip away the rebellious factions of Israel covering them with a mantle of truth. He plainly tells them, from them will come the salvation sought by all. Like a beacon of light draws moths, the rebels will be brought to the throne of God, through God's anointed One!
Psalm 139: 1-3,13-14ab,14c-15
Psalm 139, generally speaking, portends God's majestic knowledge. God is omnipotent, able to know and understand not only the thoughts and words of man before they are uttered. We cannot fathom the depths of God's wisdom in His knowledge of our conception and the final trail we will blaze to find and exult Him.
Reading II
ACTS 13: 22-26
The source of the Kingship of jesus is His earthly ancestor, David. When David was a lad, Samuel was enjoined to anoint him with holy oil. He was caslled "a man after My own Heart" by God. In spite of his future straying from the path God had set for him, David was and is considered God's faithful leader of His people Israel.
Jesus was claimed, by John the Baptist, as the true Messiah. So far above John, in His State of Divinity, whom the peole sought to anoint, John himself, he said, by comparison he was unworthy to be even the servant of the anointed One, Jesus!.
For his heralding, John was imprisoned and ultimately beheaded for his observance of the Law and his insistance Herod was not above the Law!
Luke 1: 57-66, 80
It is appropriate these words from Luke's first Chapter for the Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist are proclaimed.
Elizabeth, John's mother was unable to conceive during the normal period when women are usually most able.So, her pregnancy, late in life, was asign to Mary and us all, of the use God would place on John's shoulders.
His ancient Father, muted by his doubt of God's messenger, had his toung loosed when he wrote, "His name is John" as the Angel had told him 9 months before.
As the last prophet before the Christian era, John lived a life of a recluse calling fro preparation and repentence before Jesus was revealed..
We can take a page from John's book and herald the coming of Christ. Paul says, "Your salvation is NOW!". However, don't expect fire and brimstone to be cast down from the heavens; rather, understand on the day of Christ's resurrection, death no longer has dominion over our souls. We will, in God's time, LWAYS THE PRESENT, possess the crown of glory promised us, if we remain in His Love and become part of His Body, the Church.

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