Date:              April 8, 2007      Easter Sunday
Readings:       Acts 10:34-43       Psalm 118:1-23
                        Colossians 3:1-4  John 20: 1-9

The Jews of Jesus time believed in a sort-of resurrection at the end of time. No one or anyone of the Disciples had a clue as to the Resurrection Jesus was to experience. They heard Him say He had to suffer and die; They also heard Him say He would be raised up on the third day. But their thought processes and culture didn't allow them to believe it or even think about it.
So, when these women came and told them His body was gone, they thought someone had robbed the grave, not, He had Risen.
Women were of such low estate, their testimony was considered invalid in a court of law, either religious or civil.
So, when some excited and excitable women came claiming His tomb was empty, both John and Peter sloughed the claim off, at first, and then went off to see if they could find the truth. To their surprise, the tomb was indeed empty and Peter, on entering the tomb found the wrappings there but the body missing. John, on following Peter in, found the cloth, which typically covered the face of the dead, lying separately Somehow this was a revelation to him Jesus had risen and he believed.
Not long after His appearance to Peter and the Apostles, to assure them He had truly risen, He Ascended to His Father and they saw Him no more.
Here we are 2000 years later. Some of us believe He rose from the dead; some still question it or are skeptical. Since even His friends and closest associates found it tough to believe, it should prove no barrier to our belief.
For we can have the same experience as the Apostles if only we rely on our instincts and common sense. Either the Lord rose on the third day or someone has put a hoax on mankind which still hoodwinks thousands of educated, intelligent humans every day. Since God cannot either deceive or be deceived, we can be assured our instincts are more correct than unbelief can ever claim.
I believe! DO YOU???

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