Date:            Sunday April 1, 2007      Palm Sunday
Readings:       Isaiah 50:4-7             Psalm 22: 8-24
                        Philippians 2: 6-11    Luke: Chapter 22 & 23
The oracle of Isaiah was the basis for Luke's story of Jesus' being  ridiculed and buffeted by His torturers and the people. "They plucked His beard" is a sign of derision usually visited upon prisoners, shackled and unable to defend against the action.
The 22nd Psalm is full of foretastes of our Savior's torment. The first  portion actually puts words of abandonment on Jesus' lips. The ridicule  and the incredulousness were part of the dreadful day when inhuman man slayed their human savior. Yet, in the words of the psalmist, we are reminded of His dedication to His Father, long ago.
Paul tells his Philippian audience of Jesus, who gave up His divine essence to become a man, like us, in all things except sin; Who took on the sins of us all and became the sacrificial Lamb of the Passover to atone for all our sins. He was the only satisfactory victim. His immeasurable love was poured out upon us in every drop of His precious Blood. His Passion and death, as related by Luke, makes many points we celebrate daily, weekly and yearly to emphasize the giftedness of His love for every person. He loved us to the end.
His forgiveness extended to those who crucified Him; who were crucified with Him; and to those of us who take up our cross, daily, as part of His Body, the Church; to urge others to join His Grace filled life as one of its members. The mystery of our Faith, His Cross and Resurrection claim for us, eternal life immortality with Him, for those who believe in and do His will.
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