Date:              Sunday February 4, 2007
Readings:       Isaiah 6: 1-2a; 3-8     1 Corinthians 15: 1-11
                        Luke 5: 1-11
The opening lines of Isaiah 6, depict the prophet, before his call from God to be His spokesman, in a trance, where he experiences the presence of God as the people of old had, in the Exodus.

His proclamation, "Holy. Holy, Holy", is repeated at every celebration of the Eucharist, just before the Preface, introducing the the Sacred Mysteries of the Mass.

Why the repetitive, "Holy, Holy, Holy"?

The Hebrew language, in which Isaiah was written, has a very small vocabulary. In written form, it has no tenses, vowels or expressions of increasing moment. Therefore, in order to say the comparative or superlative, the writer or speaker wouldn't say, "Holy. Holier, Holiest"
but rather, "Holy, Holy, Holy" meaning Holiest.

When Isaiah was called by God, he deemed himself unworthy! He claimed unclean lips, a euphemism for the necessary attributes to be Holy enough to be God's spokesman. The Seraphim's touching his mouth with an ember signified the cleansing of his mind and heart enabling him to speak write and inspire the Books of Isaiah for our enlightenment and as a foretaste of the servant of God , His only Son Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Imagine god calling you! Would your demeanor allow you to be His spokesperson? All of us have gifts! At our Baptism, we were reborn as Priests, prophets and Evangelists! Through Christ's inspiration, we can express our belief in a manner to convince the hardest of hearts!
Likewise, Paul, although steeped in the Pharisaic tradition and once an outsider, through a personal encounter with Christ and his subsequent conversion, became the ardent minister and instrument of the Good News to the Gentiles.
Last week, we heard of God's call to Jeremiah, a youth, to His priesthood.

So, don't look only to the Consecrated Priesthood to bring the message of Christ's redemption to the world! By your personal example as a follower of Christ, many will see the good that you do and give Glory to God!
Luke's story of the call of Peter, James and John is familiar to us all. They were fisherman! He was a carpenter. They knew the ways of the sea and fish. How could He know better than they? Their faith in this stranger's word brought them an unbelievable catch! In their wildest imagination, they couldn't have envisioned the billions of souls who would be attracted to their Church. Yet in the moment of awe, they gave up their instant gratification they held in their hands for the invisible crown of Glory accruing to those who believe.


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